Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to Download Online Flash Games, And Play Offline


There are many online flash games now on the internet.
In this trick, how to download that online flash games and play offline.

First, what we have to do is to download the SWF file from the address where the flash game is.
for  example my flash game is from, the complete address for the game is

An easy way to download is using
Open your browser, go to

Click on picture to enlarge

1. Paste the link of game address
2. Checklist the term service agreement
3. Choose Filter to Objects
4. Click Get Files, then wait for searching the files.
5. See the result, and look for the SWF file name related  to the game
6. Right click the file link and choose save link as (mozilla) to download
7. Save the file.

Now you are ready to play the flash game .
We can play using  browser that have the swf plugin, or we can play using SWF OPENER, is the small size swf player that can be downloaded from here (for open the zip file, password is )

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