How to Combine Multiple Text Files into One File

There is an easy way to combine a number of text files become one text file with a simple command via the command prompt.

Here are the steps:
• Put the files to be merged into one folder
for example I put it in a folder with the name is Merge in drive D

• Go to the Command Prompt
(Press Win + R, then type CMD, press Enter)
• At the Command Prompt Type D: and press Enter (because of my folders stored on drive D)
• Type cd Merge (due to my folder named Merge) and press Enter

• Then type the following code: (you can copy paste)
for %f in (*.txt) do type "%f" >> new.txt 
( new.txt is the name of the output file, the name is up to you)
• Press Enter
The merger will take place automatically
• Go the folder and see the result.

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