How to pair Xiaomi Yi Remote Bluetooth

Pairing is needed before you can use the bluetooth remote shutter for Xiaomi Yi Sport Camera.

Below are the steps pairing Xiaomi Yi bluetooth remote :
1. Turn on the Xiaomi Yi, wait until the LED indicator light stop flashing.
2. Then turn on wifi by pressing the wifi button which is located beside the Xiaomi Yi camera , wait until the wifi indicator light flashes (blue LED flashes)
3. Press the wifi button twice quickly, and then press the button on the remote device (can be any button, shutter button or selection videos / photos button), wait until the indicator light on the bluetooth turn to blue (was red)
4. Try to press the button on the bluetooth remote, if the  indicator on the remote already blue means the pairing is successful (also you can here beep sound on the camera when you push the buttons on the remote), the remote shutter is ready for use.

For the purpose of using this bluetooth remote, the wifi does not need to be ON, wifi is required when pairing only.
Turn off wifi if not use for smartphone or computer connection,