Notepad in Windows 10

How to run Notepad in Windows 10.
Creating Notepad shortcut at Desktop Windows 10.
You will not see Notepad at Windows 10 start menu programs (All Apps).
But you can still run it from command line, Run command, or you can create shortcut in desktop and pin it to taskbar.

To run notepad using run dialog command :

1. Press Windows key + R to open run dialog.
2. Write Notepad in the column.
3. Press Enter or click OK.

Then the Notepad will appear.

To create Notepad shortcut at the desktop :

1. Right click at the desktop
2. Choose New.
3. Choose Shortcut.

4. Write Notepad at column:  Type the location of the item.

5Click Next, click Finish.

Now you will see Notepad at the desktop. 
Drag & drop to the taskbar to pin it to the taskbar.