How to save Bing background image

Link location of Bing background image/photo

You will see a beautiful background photo when opening Bing page at
To save or download this background photo to your laptop/computer you have to know the link location of the image.

Here the steps :
1. Run Google Chrome browser on your computer.
2. Open Bing  (
3. You will see the home page of Bing search engine with beautiful background picture.
4. Right-click at the background image, then choose Inspect.

5. Choose Sources tab

6. At Page sub tab, browse to then to folder az/hprichbg/rb and you will see the file of the image and show the preview at the right window.
7. Right-click at preview image, it has choice: Copy image URL, Copy image as data URL, Open image in new tab, Save. 
I prefer to choose Open image in new tab then save it by right-click the image then  choose save image as to download to the computer.