Sunday, September 18, 2011

Freeze Panes in MS Excel 2007 (lock the leftmost column or top row)


If you work with spreadsheets with large size, and want the top row or leftmost column (which usually contains a description, number, date, name, etc) are always visible (because of  limited display screen of computer), we can use the Freeze Panes tool.

Open your Excel Spreadsheet Document
Highlight  the cell just below the second row and second column, (assuming the first row and first column to be locked)
Click the View Tab
Click Freeze Panes
Click Freeze Panes,  

the row and first column will lock, to see the result try moving to the far down or right side cell.

To restore to its original state (without freeze panes)
Click the View Tab
Click the Freeze Panes
Click unfreeze Panes.

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