Thursday, June 30, 2016

Enter to Safe Mode Windows 10


If you want to start Windows 10 with Safe Mode

• In normal Windows, go to Run command by pressing combination keys Windows+
• Type msconfig then click Ok or hit Enter key

Will appear System Configuration window
• Choose Boot tab.
• Under Boot options, give a tick at Safe boot.

• Click Ok,
• Will appear the warning that the computer will restart, choose Restart.

Windows will run in the Safe Mode.

Other way to enter Safe Mode in Windows 10

• Open the Start menu,
• Click Power.
• Press and hold Shift key (at the keyboard), and click Restart. Hold the Shift key until Windows is ready again with Choose an option page.
• In Choose an option page, choose Troubleshoot

• Choose Advanced options.

• Choose Startup Settings.

• Click Restart.

• After restart, you have to choose which Safe Mode you need, press 4,5, or 6 to choose.

Windows will run in the Safe Mode.

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