Forget Administrator Password in Windows XP, Vista, And Windows 7

If  we forget password for user account in windows, it doesn't really matter, because still can be reset using administrator account. but if we forget password for administrator account, of course this is a problem, because can't be reset by user account.

fortunatelly, we have tool for reset this administrator password.
You can download  from my drive 
Size is about 3MB.

After download, extract the file, there is an ISO file, then burn it to the CD with option burn image to disk (nero), because the CD is needed for booting the computer.
For Windows 7, just right click the Iso file then choose burn image to disk *

After Disk is ready, for reseting password  follow these steps:

• Boot the computer using the CD that we created (set computer (bios) for a first boot toCD / DVD drive).
For Microsoft Windows installed in a standard (common), until step 5, we just press the enter key, no input needed.
We can read the instructions on the computer screen for each step

First display (click on picture to enlarge)

then press enter.

• Step 1,  Select partition of windows, press Enter

• Step 2  Select windows registry directory,  press Enter

• Step 3  Select Password Reset,  press Enter

• Step 4  Select Edit User Data And Password,  press Enter

• Step 5,  Select Administrator, press Enter

• Step 6,  type  1  (number 1) (select clear / blank password ) , press Enter

• Step 7, type ! (exclamation mark), press Enter (to exit)

 • Step 8, type q ,  press Enter (to exit)

Step 9, type then press Enter to save

Step 10, type n then press Enter to exit

Step 11, Remove the CD, then press Control + Alt + Del  to Reboot  the computer

Now, the administrator account has no password..
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