Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Chrome Browser

Chrome Shortcut.

For you who used to work using the shortcut, list keyboard shortcuts  for Google Chrome browser is likely to be useful.

Below are the lists :

 Action / instruction / DestinationKeyboard Shortcut 
1Bookmark CTRL+D
2Chrome Task Manager SHIFT+ECS
3Close Google Chrome WindowCTRL+W
4Download File HistoryCTRL+J
5Enter search query at address / go to address barCTRL+E
6Go Backward / ForwardALT+left Arrow / right Arrow
7History http://h0w2.blogspot.comCTRL+H
8Increase decrease size of FontCTRL +/-
9Java DebuggerALT+`
10New Google Chrome WindowCTRL+N
11New TabCTRL+T
12Open Web PageCTRL+O
14Private Browsing CTRL+SHIFT+N
17Search on PageCTRL+F or F3
18Select Address bar ALT+D
19Show/Hide Bookmark ToolCTRL+B
20Switch between TabsCTRL+TAB or CTRL+PGUP/PGDW
21View SourceCTRL+U