Change The Value of Serial COM Port for USB to Serial in Windows 2000, Windows Me and Windows 98 SE

Change Com Port for USB to Serial

Currently it has rarely use Operating system Windows 2000, Windows me, or Windows 98 SE. But for certain purposes still exist, for example, used in a controller device, machine controllers or for other purposes.

When we install an USB to Serial com converter then it will be obtained automatically, for examples COM 5, Com 6, etc.
In Windows 2000, Me or 98 SE, to change the serial com port as we want, for example we want COM 2, we must convert hexa decimal values for the port ​​manually.

Go to Device Manager,
• Windows 2000
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager
• Windows 98/ME
Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager

• Double-click on Ports
• Right click on USB to Serial Port (or according to the brand) and then click Properties
• Click on the Port Settings tab -> Click on the Resources tab
Uncheck on the Use automatic settings
• Select the Input / Output range, -> click on Change Settings
• Type 02F8-02FF in the Value box. This will change the Serial port to COM 2. If the COM 2 is used, it must changed to another value.
• For each port are:
COM 1: 03F8-03FF
COM 2: 02F8-02FF
COM 3: 03E8-03EF
COM 4: 02E8-02EF

• After entering a hexa decimal value, click OK -> click OK again and click Yes, when it appears
Creating Forced Configuration Click OK.
• Restart the computer. Look again into the device manager, to ensure that the serial port com has changed.

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