Login multiple Gmail accounts in the same browser at the same time

If you have more than one Gmail account ,  to open the mail  usually will log off from one gmail, then log in to another. Unless if you use  different web browser (eg mozilla firefox for one gmail, and google chrome for another  then we can open simultaneously.
To be able to open multiple Gmail accounts  using the same browser at the same time,  here is the trick.

Gmail has a Grand access to your Account  menu,  where one can be delegated to another gmail.

For instance I have 3 (three) Gmail accounts, and will try to open all 

• Decide  the first gmail / main gmail, that will be used to open other gmails
 (mine is kakara00@gmail.com as the main Gmail)

• Login to the second Gmail 
(mine is kakara0002@gmail.com as a second gmail)

• Go to Mail Settings

• Select / click the Accounts and Import tab
• At Grand access to your account, click Add another Account

 • Enter / type the main Gmail account, then click Next Step

• Click Send email to grant access

• Log off from this second gmail.•. Perform the same steps as above for 3rd Gmail. ( 4th, 5th..an so on )

• Sign In / Log in to the Main Gmail• There will be email(s) to be verified, click on the Link for verification

• Click on account settings

• On The Multiple Sign-in, click Edit

• Select / Check On  Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser, then click Save

• Click on Switch account

• Select Account to be opened 

Now the mails can be opened at the  same time  in the same browser.

Good luck, may be useful.
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