How to make keyboard shortcut for launching an aplication

Other than using the mouse, we can also use the keyboard for launching an application, with pressing the combination  keys of the keyboard ( Ctrl+Shift+'Character'  or  Ctrl+Alt+'Character' ). This combination key called Keyboard shortcut. Using keyboard shortcut is faster than using mouse click.

How to create a keyboard shortcut for  an application :
For example we will create a keyboard shortcut for the Application : Ms. OfficeWord

• Go to the Start Menu Programs where MS Word is (or may exist on the desktop)
• Right-click on Microsoft Office Word, then left click on Properties

• On the Shortcut tab, point the cursor to the Shortcut key field
• Press and hold the Ctrl key and then  select the letter / character that wants to be combined to create a shortcut, for example I chose the character W (you can choose the character what you want) So the combination keys are Ctrl+Alt+W
• Click Apply, Click OK

Now, To open MS.Office Word, we can use the keyboard shortcut,  by pressing at the same time the key combination : Ctrl+Alt+W (sample).

• Perform the same steps to create keyboard shortcuts for other applications, of course using different character combination, because it is not possible using the same combination already used.

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