Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trick to write on the hard copy form using Ms.Word

When you have to fill out  in hard copy form, an application, questionnaire, etc,  and you do not have a typewriter, the way below may be used as a solution.

• Scan the form / application and save it  as a picture file (jpg, png, gif dll)
• Run Ms Office Word  and create a New Blank Document
• Double Click at the Header area

• Click on  Insert tab, -->  click on Picture

• Browse to the picture file  already scanned, then click Insert
• Adjust the picture position as required
• Still in the highlighted image , Click on the tab : Picture Tools Format,--> Click on Wrap Text, then choose :  Behind Text

• Double click outside Header area  to exit from header editor
• Then you ready for typing as usual, point the cursor in the area to be written, use the space bar, tab and enter key to move the cursor.

• If already filled, then ready to print.

Good Luck .. 

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