Trick to write on the hard copy form using Ms.Word

When you have to fill out  in hard copy form, an application, questionnaire, etc,  and you do not have a typewriter, the way below may be used as a solution.

• Scan the form / application and save it  as a picture file (jpg, png, gif dll)
• Run Ms Office Word  and create a New Blank Document
• Double Click at the Header area

• Click on  Insert tab, -->  click on Picture

• Browse to the picture file  already scanned, then click Insert
• Adjust the picture position as required
• Still in the highlighted image , Click on the tab : Picture Tools Format,--> Click on Wrap Text, then choose :  Behind Text

• Double click outside Header area  to exit from header editor
• Then you ready for typing as usual, point the cursor in the area to be written, use the space bar, tab and enter key to move the cursor.

• If already filled, then ready to print.

Good Luck .. 

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