How to make moving / running text on Blog or website ( marquee and it's variations)

One of way to draw attention to a word or phrase in a blog or website is with using  variations to  that word or phrase. We can use  Marquee / running text (the movement of text from left to right or right to left, from top to bottom or bottom to top, also combined from those both variations).

Here is the html code for various variations on the marquee:

1• Moving from right to the left
<marquee> Text or phrase </marquee>
2• Moving from left to the right
 <marquee direction="right"> Text or phrase </marquee>

3• Moving from right to the left and from left to the right
 <marquee behavior="alternate"> Text or phrase </marquee>

4• Moving from bottom to top
<marquee direction="up">Text or phrase </marquee>
5• Moving fromTop to bottom
 <marquee direction="down">  Text or phrase </marquee>
6• Moving from bottom to top and from top to buttom
 <marquee behavior="alternate" direction="up">Text or phrase </marquee>
 7•  Moving  Zigzag
<marquee behavior="alternate" direction="up" width="80%"><marquee direction="right">Text or phrase </marquee></marquee>
8• Marquee with colour in background
 <span style="color: white;"><marquee direction="left" style="background: RED;">Text or phrase</marquee></span>

9• Marquee with Border
<marquee style="border: BLUE 2px SOLID;">Text or phrase</marquee>

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