How To Make Header Content or Footer Different on Each Page in Ms. Word 2007

By default, if we create a header or footer on one page in Ms. Word, then the other pages will have  the same header / footer contents automatically.

If we want to have a header / footer contents are different in other pages,  below is the way :

For example I have a word file contains 3 pages, and want to have different header on each page
• Open the file
• Determine the section on each page header to be distinguished. because only by distinguishing the section we will be able to make the different header on each page.(to have different  header must have different section).

To distinguish the section between pages 1 and page 2, put the cursor on the page 1, then
Click the Page Layout tab, click on the Breaks menu, then select / click on the Next Page

With above step, we've  already separated page 1 Section  and  page 2 section , (page 1 = Section 1, page 2 = section 2), page 3 be a member of section 2 (because by default following the section previous page).

• To make page 3 becomes section 3, then we do as a step above,  put the cursor on page 2, Click the Page Layout tab, click on the Breaks menu, then select / click on Next Page.

Below, the steps to insert the contents of Header

• To write the header on page 1 (section 1), double-click in the header area, then write the text header.

Double click outside the header area to exit

• On page 2 or next page (or next section), double click in the header area
• At the Design tab, click Link to Previous until the words :  Same as Previous is disappear (see red X mark on sample picture)

• After the words : Same as Previous is disappear,  write the header text (depend contents what you want)
• Double click at outside the header area to exit.

• Perform this step in the next page or next section.

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