Optimally Modem Speed Setting For Increasing Internet Speed

For internet users who use  modem (GSM or CDMA) for connection, and you think the internet speed is not optimal (slow),  maybe the trick below will be able to help or resolve

One way to increase the speed of internet connection is to optimize the speed or the speed setting on the modem.
Usually the dial-up software to connect to the internet (built-in with modem) is using a modem default setting speed and it is usually not optimal.

When the computer (Windows) you've ever used to connect to the internet using dial-up software built modem, then in the connection menu will appear automatically dialup modem  profile list, according to the profile that has ever made by dial-up software.

• Click on the network icon (see arrow in image / Windows 7)
See  dial-up profiles, select which ones you currently use, if you are not sure which one, do connect as usual using the dial-up software built with modem, if already connected back to see here and check which one has the status is connected. do disconnect if you have found .

• Right-click on the your dial-up

• Click on Properties

• Click on Configure, Modem Configuration window will appear
• Select the speed to the highest rate
• On All Hardware Features give checklists, click OK .. OK

• Setting speed modem is already done,
• To Start the connection  is from here (not from dial-up software built modem)

• Enter the Username and Password (you have from the ISP) and then click Dial

Good Luck .. 

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