Combination Portrait And Landscape Pages In the Same File MS Word 2007

To create pages with different pages layout, portrait and landscape in the same word document (in the same file)  in MS Word 2007.

Below are the steps :

For example to make page 1 portrait and page 2 is landscape

• Run MS Word
We have to make different section for each page. Section 1 for page 1 and section 2 for page 2 ( section 3 for next page..and so on )

• Place the cursor on the page 1
• Go to  Page Layout menu tab
• Click on  Breaks
• Click on Next Page

Now  page 1 or page 2 has own section, in which we can make combination page layout portrait  and landscape on each page

To make page 2  Landscape :
• Place the cursor on page 2
• Select  Page Layout Tab Menu
• Click on the Orientation
• Select / click Landscape

Good luck..

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