How To Resize Picture ( reduce file size ) Using MS Outlook

If at your workplace using Ms Outlook (e-mail client software from Microsoft), and  if you  need to make smaller  or resize the picture file, you can use this Ms. Outlook by sending the attachment (the picture) to your friend  or to yourself, and receive the new size of the attachment

Here's the way :
• Highlight / block the picture/s
• Right-click on it , and select Sent To -> Mail recipient
  (click on image to enlarge)

The dialog will appear to select the image output dimension, the smaller dimension will also become smaller file size,
• Click Attach

• Will appear a window for sending email, do as usual, like when you will send an e-mail.
Send to your friend or to yourself.

When received, the image / picture files has been minimized in size.

Good luck.. 

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