How to Hide Pictures or Photos In Blackberry

Maybe one day you need to hide an image or photo on your Blackberry device,  for several reasons / due to your own needs.
Same with PC (computer), in Blackberry device has a properties file to have hidden

• Open the image or photo to be hidden (usually from Media -> Picture)
• Press on the Menu ( Blackberry  logo)
• Select Properties
• Give Checklist  on the hidden

Now try to re-open (close and try to open the picture again), will not be able to open, because the photo is not visible now.

If you want to see the pictures / photos those already hidden, you have to go to another way ( not from media menu)

• Click on the Aplications menu , then select / click on Files
• Choose File Folders
• Select the Media Card (most pictures / images stored on the media card)
• Select the Blackberry
• Select Pictures
• Press the Menu ( Blackberry logo), select / click Show Hidden, then the hidden photos will show.

• To change the property back to normal, the hidden properties, must be unchecked.

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