How to Save Web Page to PDF Without Additional Software

To store or save digital documents most practical and most widely used today is to save them in PDF (Portable Document Format).
When you find a page on  website or blog that you think you need it and you want to save it, you can  directly store it into PDF format.

Use the Google Chrome browser, because by using Google Chrome you do not need to install additional software to convert or save web pages into PDF format, the facilities are already available, namely Print to PDF .

• Open the page to be saved to PDF using the Google Chrome browser
• Go to the Print menu, by pressing Ctrl + P, or right-click on the page area  and then select the Print menu

• In the Destination, select Print to PDF

• Press the Print button, then the dialog box will appear, to  choice / specify the file name and storage location of the PDF file. Then click Save.

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