Easy Protect Pictures / Photos Using Visual Watermark

If you have a blog or website, and will post the article with your original picture, or you send picture by e-mail, or social network, better you put the watermark on it (on the picture), to give the identity of your picture and to protect from illegal copying (of course you don't want to see your photo is in online advertising or magazine articles without your permission).

To make watermark usually we use photo editing software, like Adobe Photoshop, Ulead Photo Impact, etc.  But if you are not familiar with photo editing software like those softwares, don't worry because there are many instant softwares that special to give a watermark  to your photo. one is Visual Watermark, the watermark software that have a good result and easy to use, and it can give watermark for many pictures at one time ( I like it).

You can download the software from  The Visual Watermark Website  at https://www.visualwatermark.com
very easy to use, open picture/s that will be given watermark,  then go to watermark menu, and then add text and Go.

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