Reset Blackberry Device Without Removing The Battery

Usually we reset the Blackberry device by removing the battery and put it back. It is not difficult to open the battery, simply by removing the cover / back cover, remove the battery for a moment, plug it in again and close the cover, that's all.

But if there is software that can do it with just a click, why do we still have a way to remove the battery to reset the blackberry ?

Application called QuickPull, can be directly installed from App World, search by keyword QuickPull, then download and install it.

To reset your Blackberry device, open the QuickPull application, choose Reset now or select Schedule to set a time when it's time to reset.

An easier way to reset the Blackberry is to press the key combination on the qwerty keyboard, the drawback is not support for the Blackberry that uses the touch screen.

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