How to Find, Choose, and Determine Good Domain Name For Your Site

At the moment, if you want to make a website and choose the name for your domain name using famous word, almost impossible, because generally famous words are already taken by other people. You have to make combination between two or more words. It's not easy to make a good name, nice to heard and easy to remember, etc. You need a tool.

There are many online tools in the internet to choose the good  domain name for you, one is Bust A Name.

Go to
Choose Domain maker tab,
Enter the word you want.
This tool can also check for availability already taken by other or no
In Setting Option, give a tick at show taken
Choose the extension you want : com, net, info, biz, or org.
Click Go to Start

Results in black color : domains not taken yet (available for you)
Results with gray color : domains already taken

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