How To Set Samsung Galaxy Tab as a Hotspot

In the Samsung Galaxy Tablet ,  you can share your internet cellular connection to others. It can be set as a hotspot. So your friends with other tablet or laptop can connect to the  internet through your cellular internet tab connection, same as when they connect to a public hotspot or access point.

To make your Galaxy tab becomes a hotspot :

Go to Setting Menu
alternative to go to setting menu: click / tap from bottom right of your tab
click on figure to enlarge.

Then tap Setting

Setting menu will appear
1. Choose Wireless and networks

2. Turn Off Wi-fi 
3. Tap on Tethering and portable hotspot
4. Give a tick on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

The hotspot is ready now, you can see from your other tab or laptop that there is a new hotspot or wireless network available. and you can start to connect

You can customize the name of you hotspot by tapping the Configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot menu, enter the name what you want.

And you can give a password for permission to connect to your hotspot. On security choose WPA2 PSK (besides Open, Open : if you don't need the password for connection)

To save the configurations, tap Save .

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