How to Add / Invite friend in BBM using Barcode

Maybe some of you are Blackberry users, haven't known how to add or  invite BBM (Blackberry Messenger) contact  using PIN Barcode, without having to give/mention the PIN number. (PIN is Personal Identification Number, every blackberry device has it,  written in  eight characters in hexa decimal format).

Invite using PIN Barcode, the 1st blackberry device showing its Pin Barcode, and the 2nd blackberry device will scan that  barcode using its camera, and automatically will add the contact.

Another difference if invite/add contact  using  PIN barcode is :  friend directly added to the contact list without notice, so there is no notification for you whether  will be accepted or rejected. because it will be automatically accepted.

Here's how to add BBM contact using PIN Barcode

At 1st  Blackberry device :
Run Blackberry Messenger and go to My Profile
Select  Show/ Display My Barcode
PIN Barcode will appear on the screen

At 2nd Blackberry device :
Run Blackberry Messenger and select Invite Contact
Select Invite by scanning a PIN barcode

Camera scanner on 2nd blackberry will  active and you have to direct the camera to the barcode of 1st Blackberry (see the picture). If already  focused  it will automatically read, then the scanner will stop and new contact added.

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