How To Know Where is The Location of Shared Folders in Windows

If you shared  folder/s in your LAN (Local Area Network) for giving the access to other computers , and you forget where is the location of the shared folder, (we need to know the location of the shared folder for example when we want to make the folder back to be not shared ).

In the Ms Windows, network shared folder can be accessed by typing the \\ before computer name or IP address in the RUN command or Windows explorer address bar,  for example in my network, in my RUN Command  I write \\ then click OK.

Then the shared folder will appear, in this example I have one shared folder named m55

 To know where is the location of the shared folder, in C or D drive or in E ?, at root or inside the Sub folder ??.

Open The Computer Management

Right click on Computer, and click Manage

The Computer Management window will appear
Click on the System Tools, then click Shared Folders, then click Shares

And you will see the shared folder location. In this example the folder location of m55 shared folder is in drive : D, inside folder : blog.

Good Luck.

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