How To Build LAN / Network Cable by Myself

We can create or build standard network cable / LAN (Local Area Network), that use Rj-45 Connector.
It's not difficult to build.

The tool what we need is  the Crimping Tool. We can buy it from computer network accessories store. Now the price is various from expensive to very cheap price.

The Cable can be used cat5 or cat6 UTP cable. And using the standard Rj-45 Connector. Those can we get from the computer network and accessories store.

 Take out the outside of UTP Cable using cutter on crimping tool (or you can use a scissor)

 Sort the cables (8 cables) by color from left to right
1. White-green
2. Green
3. White-orange
4. Blue
5. White-blue
6. orange
7. White-brown
8. Brown

Cut the cables using cutter of crimping tool (to make a flat and parallel and easy for inserting cables to the Rj-45 connector)

Insert the cables to the RJ-45 connector ,( make sure the cables arrangement/color not change)

Make sure all the cables touch the edge of the Rj-45 conector

Crimp the Connector

Do the same steps for the other side of LAN Cable. Except if you want to make cross-over cable (see the Cross-over UTP Cable configuration )

For detail you can see the video, how to build the LAN cable using standard Rj-45 connector.

Youtube link :

See also : Cross over UTP Cable Configuration

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