Hyperterminal in Windows 8

How to enable hyperterminal in Windows 8?.
Windows 8 doesn't have the hyper terminal menu, but we can still run this classic communication tool with simple/easy trick.

Hyperterminal is small application/tool  that can you use  for telnet, connect to other computers, connect to peripherals,  bulletin board systems (BBSs),etc, that  connections are made using a modem, or an Ethernet connection.

To  get Hyperterminal in Windows 8 :

If you still have Windows XP, just find an copy the two files :  hypertrm.exe and hypertrm.dll and paste to the folder in Windows 8  (make new folder anywhere in the drive)

If you don't have Windows XP, you can download from my skydrive in zip format
Extract the file and put in the same directory.

To Run  hyperterminal : Execute the file (double click):  hypertrm.exe

The icons don't appear but the function is normal.

This trick also work for Windows 7 and Windows 10.

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