How to Change Default Program to Open Picture File In Windows 8

By default in Windows 8 when we explorer image files (jpg, png, bmp, etc) then we open / double click, the image file will be opened by the default program called  Photos.

I think using photos take a longer time when loading, and can't click next or back to others picture directly from viewer, so I decide to change this default program, from photos to Windows Photo Viewer.

You also can change this default program  using other picture viewer you may have, or  use Windows Photo Viewer.

To change the default program for opening pictures/images from Photos to other photo viewer or to Windows Photo Viewer :

• Right-click on one of the image file
• Then select Open with

• Click  Choose default program

• Give a tick on Use this app for all JPG files
• Select / click Windows Photo Viewer , or other program you may have

Now you can try to open JPG files, should have been opened by the Windows Photo Viewer.

Perform the same steps for other picture files:  bmp, gif, png, etc..