Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Easy Way To Share File Via Internet

If you want to share files with your friends or anyone else, many service providers on the internet have the sharing file services , such as Google Drive, Dropbox , Sky Drive,  etc. , or you can use email and send it using attachment.

All service providers for the file sharing,  generally require the user to register first for using the services.

You can choose which one you like.
There is a an easy way to share the files on the Internet, that we do not need to register, no need to log in, we can directly upload the file, get the URL link, then give the link to friends or others.

The people who have the link, not only can download,  they also can upload or delete the files.

Go to  OneTimeBox,  the  URL address is  http://www.onetimebox.org/

How to upload the file, just open the Windows explorer / file explorer , select the file to be uploaded and then drag & drop into upload column in OneTimeBox page

If the upload process has been completed , you will get the link, give it to you friends or someone who would have the access to the files.

Everyone  who  has the link, will be able to download, upload and delete the files.

Good Luck.

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