How To Know if Website or Blog Has a New Post Without Following Them

If you want to know a blog or website whether has new post, usually you have to become the follower of that blog or website, so if there is a new post, you will be informed by email or other notification.

But not all blogs or websites provide  follower facility, or if they have, may be  you do not want to be a follower of that blog / website, but you want to know the update and know if they have new post.

How do I know if a blog / website has a new post without become the follower?
There is a website called  Visual Website Monitoring, it can be a solution for what you need.

Go to , it can monitor a blog or website, and emailing you if there is a new post.
Enter the address of your website / blog that you want to know the update, and entry your email address , and start monitoring.
Notification will be sent to you by email when there is a new post or visual change of the front page/homepage of the blog or website that you want to monitor.

Steps :
• Enter the address of your website/blog that you want to monitor
• Click Go
• Select the Trigger
• Enter your email address
• Start Monitoring

• Wait for email if has a new post.

Gd. Luck

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