How to Sign out from Twiends

Twiends with address :  is known as the site for increasing your Twitter followers . For those who have not registered and would like to try can register at the above address, is guaranteed to have twitter follower increases .

When you are sign in to Twiends, there is no menu to Sign - out . when the browser is closed and then run/open again , your twiends account status is still sign in.

The way to logout / sign out from Twiends  is by removing the twiends cookies in the browser

For Mozilla Firefox :

• Run Mozilla Firefox . Close Twiends  if still open
• Select  Options Menu
• Select the Privacy tab
• Click  Remove individual cookies

• Select then click Remove Cookie , or click Remove All Cookies to delete all cookies.

• Click Close.

For Google Chrome Browser :

• Run Chrome, Close Twiends if still open
• Press Ctrl + Shift + Del to go to the Clear Browsing Data menu
Or click on the menu (top right ) , then click Tools , and select Clear Browsing Data

• Select Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data
• Click the Clear browsing Data button

•  To try ,  open , its status is sign out now.

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