How to Put Application to the Taskbar in Windows 8

Windows 8 uses modern style (Windows 8-style UI /Metro Interface), but for many applications we still need the taskbar from desktop screen.

Windows taskbar

To insert application shortcut to the taskbar (pin to taskbar) :
• Go to Windows 8-style UI (Metro interface) by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard,
• Type the application that you want to add to the taskbar, for example, I will  add Ms Paint  to the taskbar. Type paint, once it appears right click on it, then the Pin to Taskbar menu will appear at the bottom, click to select.

Another way to show all applications : Right-click on Windows 8-style UI (Metro interface), then All Apps menu will appear (at the right-down), then click on it, all application shortcuts will appear. Right-click on the application you want to add to taskbar, then you will see the  Pin to Taskbar menu at the bottom, click on it to add.

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