How To Set VPN Client in Android

To connect to your office network from home or other places, you can use VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. Most of the operating systems at this moment have capability to be used as a VPN client device.

In the Android to set VPN client,
• Go to Setting
• In the wireless and network menu, tap more
• Tap VPN

• Tap Add VPN network

• If you haven't set the pin yet, you have to create/set to be able create VPN connection

• Create pin (you must remember PIN, don't forget!)

• Tap Add VPN network again (step above) after pin created.

• Give a name for your connection.
• Choose the type of VPN, in the example I use PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) because my VPN server/gateway of my office network usethe  PPTP.
• Write IP (internet protocol) address of VPN server.
• Tap Save, to save the configuration.

• Now at the VPN Wireless network list will have VPN connection that already created, tap on it to start VPN connection.

• Then you will be asked for username and password.

After connected, you will be able to access you office local network, run local applications, remote desktop etc.

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