Emergency Charger HP Battery AA

There are many products of emergency charger for HP(hand phone) using AA battery, but generally they don't have enough current to charge the battery if you use handphone or smartphone that use bigger mAh in battery.

For example the product like this picture will not work for blackberry, because it doesn't have enough electric current for charging blackberry battery.
has limit /smal electric current 

The solution, you can use converter module 0.9-5V to 5V 600 mA that can drive or charge the bigger mAh battery

Converter DC to DC 0.9-5V to 5 V 600 mA

You can use 2 or 3 AA batteries to get the ideal electric current. or you can use other types of battery, the important thing you must remember that the maximal voltage input is 5 Volt

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