Easy Way to Find Installed App in Android

If you have many installed apps in your Android, the problem is when you want to launch an app, you have to see one by one the icon for the app you want to play from the list of apps, it will take the time.

The easier way to go to the app that you want to play/launch in Android is by using Google search menu (not from internet browser).

For Android smartphone (generally) push the Home button, then will display the home screen where you can see the Google search.

Type the name of App you want to launch.

Example:  looking for Translate app

For Android Tablet Computer, Click/tap the Home Icon, will go to home screen that has Google search on the page.

Figure of Samsung tab 10.1 home screen , you can see the Google search

Not only for searching to the internet, Android Google Search  is also works to find installed applications in Android.