How to Remote Windows using iPhone

You can do Remote Desktop Windows computer using your iPhone. Although the screen is small in the iPhone but you still be possible to work on it, because you can use zoom in  to make the area bigger.

The requirement to make possible remote your Windows computer using your iPhone :

1. The Windows computer (desktop, laptop or netbook) and the iPhone must be connected to the same Wi-fi (the same wifi SSID). It means the computer and the iPhone connect to the same network.
2. On the Windows computer must be enabled  the Remote access and set permission for remote user.
3. If the Windows firewall is active, it should be add the exception for remote desktop access, or turn off the firewall.
4. You have to know the IP Address (Internet Protocol address) and the computer name
5. On the iPhone you must  install The Remote Desktop Windows application  that can be downloaded from the App Store.

How to Active/enable the Remote Access in Windows :

I use Windows 8 for example/capture, For other Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 are not too different)

• Right-click on Computer menu, then click Properties , then will appear the System window
Choose Remote settings

• Choose the Remote tab
• Select / Give a thick on Allow remote connection to this computer
• Click Select Users to add the remote user (for Administrator member doesn't need to be added, already has access)
• Click Apply/click OK.

Check the Windows Firewall, give exception for Remote Desktop Access if Windows firewall is on.
But I suggest to turn off Windows firewall during this  setting, next after everything is ok and you are already able to remote the windows with your iPhone, you can turn on firewall and give the exception for remote desktop access.

To turn off the Windows firewall :

• Go to Control Panel, then choose Windows Firewall
• Click Turn Windows Firewall on or off

• Select Turn off Windows firewall

You have to know the IP address of the computer, to be able doing remote from client (iPhone)

• Connect the computer to the wifi/hotspot
• To know the IP address of Windows, one is by using the command ipconfig written on Command prompt.
• Open the Command Prompt by press Windows+R (Windows logo + R key) then click OK or hit Enter

• After Command prompt window appear, write ipconfig then hit the enter key
• You will see the result, see at the IPv4 Address value, in example I get

Now the time to Run your iPhone and install the Remote Desktop Windows Client

• Connect to the wifi (the same wifi that computer connected)
• Go to App Store then search App using key word : Microsoft Remote Desktop 
• Will display many results, chose one like this/below  picture/screenshot

Microsoft Remote Desktop 
• Install the App, wait a moment for process (download and installing)
• After installed, run/open the App ( the app/ icon name is RD Client)

• For first running , you must set the target computer information, ip address, username and password.
• Tap/touch Add Remote Desktop

• Write the IP Address at the PC name field for example I write (got from the step above)
• Write username and password in the User name field.  The format for write username is computer name\username , for example my computer name is DP and my user name is ds. written :  DP\ds  
• ( To get your computer name : right-click the Computer menu, then click Properties, see at Computer name, that is the name of your computer).

• Click Save to Save the Configuration.
• Click on the IP address to Start Remote Desktop your Computer.

Gd. Luck..