How to Backup Mikrotik Configuration

How to Backup Mikrotik Setting

It is very important to get the backup configuration for your Mikrotik router board. The backup file configuration will be needed when your mikrotik router board has error on it's configuration, or want to clone the configuration to other Mikrotik router board.

To Backup Mikrotik router board configuration :

1. Open Winbox.
2. Login to your Mikrotik (use admin/full group member).
3. Go to Files menu.
4. To start backup, click Backup.

You will see the new backup file

The newly generated backup file  is ready  for use (when you need to restore, just select the file and click restore).

It is recommended to save the backup file configuration to the other location (your drive, flashdisk,etc).

To copy to the other location :
1. Select the backup file.
2. Click  the copy icon.

3. Open the Windows explorer/ file explorer.
4. Browse/go to drive or location you want.
5. Paste the File

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