Using PC Keyboard for Android Device

When you have to write many words in your Android device, computer tablet or Smartphone, it will be easier and faster if using external keyboard, you can use the computer (PC) keyboard.

USB keyboard is used for Android Tablet
It is possible to use USB PC Keyboard in your Android device, the requirement is your device must support or has the USB OTG (On-The-Go).

To know whether your Android has USB OTG or not you can see detail specification in your device manual book.

Or other way to know your device has USB OTG, you can install USB OTG Checker App, go to Play store, search app using keyword USB OTG Checker, install and run it, then you will be sure that your Android device support or not to the USB OTG.

If your Android device has or support the USB OTG, you can use USB PC keyboard on it.
You need the USB OTG Cable to connect your USB keyboard to the Android device, it usually the micro USB OTG cable or mini USB OTG cable.

Micro USB OTG cable and mini USB OTG cable
You can buy the USB OTG from Computer/smartphone accessories store or from online store. the price is very cheap now.