Divide Hard Disk Windows 8

Generally when you buy a new notebook or desktop computer, it has only one  local harddisk drive letter, usually it will be the C drive only.

If you want to have new drive letter for example D or E without adding new physical harddisk, you can do by shrink the volume of C drive and make new partition for new drive.

Same as in Windows 7, to divide the partition and create a new volume in Windows 8, you can do easily without  using additional software/application.

• From the Desktop, select File Explorer, then right click at Computer
• Then click Manage.

Computer Management window will appear
• On the Storage  menu, select Disk Management
You will see the volume or partition to be divided (in this case : C)

• Select and right-click on it (C partition), then choose Shrink Volume.

• You can input the size volume to be shrink.
• If you are confused with the amount to be input, leave it as is, no need to change anything.
• Click Shrink to continue.

Then you will see the new space, unallocated space. From this unallocated space you can create  new volume/new drive letter (D, E, etc).

To create a new volume:
• Right click on the unallocated space
• Select New Simple Volume

 Then the wizard will appear,  just click: Next..next

• Enter the volume to be created, or leave it as is  for the maximum size.
Click Next

•  Select the drive letter, for example drive D, E, etc., click Next

In the next wizard
• Choose Format this volume with the following setting.
• Usually just change the volume name, or you can leave it as is, because it can be easily renamed later.
• Give a tick on the Perform a Quick format, for rapid format process. then click Next.

After the process, you will see the new hard disk drive in Computer menu.