How to Set IP Address in DocuPrint CM405DF Printer

DocuPrint CM405DF Printer from Fuji Xerox is Multifunction Printer (print, scan, copy, fax), that support network / LAN connection. This type connection needs an ip address (internet protocol) set inside the machine.
If you have DHCP server, after connecting to the network you can change the IP Address through internet browser on the computer. If you don't have DHCP server or you want to set manually directly from the printer, you can do through touch screen panel  at front of DocuPrint CM405DF.
DocuPrint CM 405DF
To set IP address Docuprint CM405DF directly from the printer (not from computer) follow the steps below :

From the touch screen located at front of the printer.

1. Tap/touch the icon :  

2. Choose Tools tab.
3. Tap/touch Admin Settings.

4. Choose Network.

5. Choose Ethernet.

6. Choose TCP/IP.

7. Disable DHCP

8. Choose Panel.

9. Set the IP Address with yours.

10. Restart the Printer.