Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to set email send time in outlook 2010

In Microsoft Outlook you can set schedule or delay time for delivering the email after you click Send button. the email will be in the outbox depend on setting time you are already made.

Compose the new email, setting delay time, and then Send the email.
In Microsoft Outlook 2010 to set delay delivery  email follow steps below :

• Compose/create New Email
• Go to Options tab
• Choose Delay Delivery

How to Tune a Guitar Easiest Way

If you are  beginner who learn a guitar (or even you are an expert) on each guitar string must be in the right tone when it will be used. To make your guitar is on the right  standard tone on each string you need a guitar tuner.
There are so many guitar tuners device and software in the market or on the Internet,  but if you have smartphone that use Android or iOs, I recommend you to install the free App called GuitarTuna, the extremely fast, easy and professional accuracy guitar tuner.

Reason to use GuitarTuna:
 It is Free
 Easy to use, it tells you if tone is too low or too high
 Professional accuracy.

GuitarTuna uses the speaker of your smartphone to generate the tone/sound , and uses the Microphone of your smartphone for detect whether your guitar string sound is too low, too high or already ok.

 Go to App Store on your iPhone or Play Store on your Android then search for app with keyword: GuitarTuna, and install it.
 After installed, run the App
 Put your smartphone at the front of your guitar

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Go to Bios Setting VMWare Workstation

On the Guest Operating system / VM  (Virtual machine) in VMWare Workstation , if you want to go to BIOS setting menu or want to set boot priority, etc, by pressing ESC key, F2 key, etc,  usually you will not be able to reach it,  because the process is too fast.

To be able to enter  Bios setting,You can do by setting delay time before the system launch the operating system

You must set the Configuration file (vmx file) of the Virtual Machine.
Open VMX file using Notepad then add the following code:
bios.bootdelay = "5000" and then Save it.