How to find Driver for Unknown device in Windows

When you re-format or re-install Windows Operating System for your laptop or your Desktop Computer, sometime not all of device will get the right driver, sometime you will see Unknown Device status on Device manager. If you don't know which hardware that mark as unknown device, you can find it using the search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo), but before you can be able to search the driver you need the information of the device, you need the value of hardware Ids.

• Open Device Manager (Using Run Command : Press Windows+R, then write devmgmt.msc click OK or press Enter key)
• Right click on the Unknown Device that you want to know for the driver
• Choose Properties

• The window for Unknown device Properties will appear
• Choose Detail tab
• Choose Hardware Ids in Property
• Copy the value of unknown device

To get the information of device and get the driver :
• Open the Internet, paste  on search engine  the value of the unknown device ( use Google, Bing, or Yahoo), you will see the information of the hardware, if found you can also download the driver.
• Or you can go to and paste the information, is the large site that has many drivers for many devices.

• If the first value not be found, you can try the second value.