Lost IP Address IBM Storwize V7000

If you forgot the management IP address or you want to know the summary settings for SAN Storage IBM Storwize V7000, below is the way :

• Take an USB flash disk/flash drive, better the empty one with standard Fat 32 format.

• Put/connect the USB Flash drive to the port of the canister (when storwize in operation/during operation), the system will automatically run the Service command, and generate the result saved in the USB drive.

Connect the USB drive for about 1 or 2 minutes (until USB LED stop flashing if it has the LED indicator)

Rear of IBM Storwize V7000, connect the USB Flash disk to one of USB ports

Real view, connecting USB Flash disk to USB port  IBM Storwize V7000

• Remove the flash drive from the port of IBM canister port.
• Then connect it to the computer as usual when you will work using USB flashdisk.
• Use file/windows explorer then you will see the new file named satask_result.html
• Open it (double click it)
• You will see the information, you will see the IP addresses, etc
for example in my figure :