Repairing Universal Laptop Adapter

I have a laptop universal adapter, I like it because can be used for all my laptops, although my laptops have different brand.

Last week it couldn't be used, no electrical output, the lamp indicator was die.

Before I decided to buy the new one. I tried to open the cover, and check what is the cause of the problem.
Finally I noted, the problem was caused by a cracked tin. It may happen for hot circuit or high current/voltage.

I took the soldering iron and the tin to repair it.
Now it is back to normal.

Bellow are the steps what I did :

• Unplug/disconnect the electric input.
• Remove the screws using screw driver.

2 screws must be taken out using screw driver
• Open  the cover, I used a big minus screw driver.
• See the picture, red arrow show the cracked tin on the pin of the Power IC

At 50x Zoom you will see :

Cracked tin at pin of  IC zoom in 50x 

• I did to solder it

• Take the cover back and fix the screws.

If you have the same problem may be have the same cause,  and the same solution.