How to know IP Address in Windows 10

To know IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) in Windows 10, same as previous Windows versions, we can do using two ways, first using Command line/ command prompt, and the second is through Network and Sharing center menu.

To Know IP address by command line :
1. Press the Windows Logo + R (to open the RUN command)
2. Write cmd and then click OK or press Enter.

2. The command line/command prompt will appear, type ipconfig and press enter, then the IP address will be displayed.

How to know the IP address through the Network and Sharing Center menu:

1. Right click on the network logo at the Tray icon.

2. Select Open Network and Sharing Center.
3. Choose the active connection (or connection that you want to know the IP), for example on my computer, the active connection is wifi connection.

4. In the Status window, click Details.

5. You can see the IP address indicated by arrows in the following capture (IP V 4).