How to set Bluetooth Audio Receiver

To play music on the active speaker/audio amplifier from our smartphone, computer tablet, laptop, etc, we can use audio cable or using the bluetooth for connection.
Especially those using bluetooth, it will be deemed a lot of advantages, because we are free to move while carrying a smartphone, sleeping, sitting, even while walking we can pick and choose favorite songs.

If you have an audio active speaker or audio amplifier without Bluetooth receiver on it, You can add/install bluetooth separately.
Nowadays you can get the bluetooth audio receiver easily and the price in not expensive.
I use generic bluetooth audio receiver, as show below, the quality is very good.

Bluetooth Audio Receiver
How to install bluetooth?, you can see picture below:
You can use Smartphone charger with usb port for electric supply (5VDC)
The  jack from bluetooth to be connected to the Line input of your audio amplifier or active speaker.

Connect the jack to the Line in of Active speaker. Plug the bluetooth to USB smartphone charger.

You can move freely while listening to the music from Audio amplifier/active speaker

To pair bluetooth audio receiver to your smartphone :
(In this sample I use the Android smartphone).

1. Go to Settings menu.
2. Choose Bluetooth, then Switch it On.

3. The device will search for available bluetooth, then you will see Audio bluetooth receiver (my bluetoot's name is YET-M1), tap/touch it to start pairing.

4. Wait until it moves to Paired device and the status will be: connected.

Now, enjoy the music on the Audio amplifier/active speaker without Audio cable.