How to set 4G LTE Only in Android

Setting 4G LTE only.

If you already use 4G device and 4G SIM card, but your device is often get 3G network, not 4G network, then you see the network setting to set 4G only, but in the Android at this time there is no option for 4G only network. there is only has an auto setting (4G/3G/2G auto).

The Solution:
There are many apps in order to force network setting to get 4G only.
1. Open Play store
2. Search app with key word:  4G LTE only Switch
 I choose 4G LTE only Switch App from Alanpro

3. Install it
4. Open the App,
5. Tap the FORCE 4G/3G/2G

6. Scroll down to find the option: Set preferred network type: , then choose: LTE only.