Filtering Gmail by Date

How to show emails by date in Gmail

If in your Gmail inbox contains a lot of emails and you're looking for and want to show the emails in a given period, or a specific date, email recently, or older email, you can perform filtering as needed in the following ways:

Write in the  Search field with the following keywords. Choose as your needs, also change the number or date.

Will show the newer emails in last 3 days

Showing the emails older than 5 days ago

Showing the emails after 2016 December 1

Showing the emails before 2016 October 1

after:2016/12/1 before:2016/12/15
Showing the emails fter 2016 December 1 and before 2016 December 15.

Example: to show emails older than 10 days ago (older_than:10d) 

You can use this trick in Web Gmail and also in Gmail App (in your smartphone Android or iOS)