Change Documents Folder Location Windows 10

'Documents' in Windows ('My Documents' in previous Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP ), is a special folder for saving the documents.

This folder (Documents) is actually a shortcut from the actual folder which by default is located in C: \Users\username

For a reason, you can change the actual folder location. example to avoid lost data when Windows has error or has a problem.

How to move the location of Documents folder from  default location to the new location as you want.

1. Open File Explorer.
2. Right-click on Documents.
3. Select Properties.

4. In the Documents Properties window select the Location tab.
5. Kilk the Move button.

6. Point the location to the drive and to the desired folder, or you can create a new folder. For example I created a folder with  named docs, and located on drive: E. Then click the Select Folder button.

7. In the next window it can be seen the location of the folder has changed to a new location (in the example E:\docs) and then click Apply, click OK.

Now the file storage location of the document has been changed/moved. (From the previous/default C:\Users\username\documents to the new location E:\ docs).
It has no effect on 'Documents view', it still the same but the targeted folder changed.